Ciao, I am Hawke, I'm a 27 year old Italian.

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"Latin dancing is very popular in Italy though. Regardless, I have another question. What is your opinion on Capuchin monkeys?"

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I often get too distracted by Latin women to pay attention to the dancing, the sway of their hips. Capuchin monkeys? Nasty little bastardos, always getting into things.

"Do you like to dance the Cha-Cha?"

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Do I look Spanish to you, stupido? No, I do not dance the Cha-Cha.

Cazzo! It’s so cute.

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Cazzo! It’s so cute.

"What were you guys going to name her?"

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I don’t want to talk about that, cagna.

"Why you 'aveta put our, ... whatever it is, out all over the internet aye?"

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Piacere, I am Vincent, but my friends call Hawke.
I’m Italian and twenty-seven years old but don’t you dare call me old,
I’m new to 2012, recently crash landed my ship through a worm hole and here I am, whether that this is good or not, well, we will see, si?  

(( This is a fun OOC ask/blog for my OC Hawke, my name is Zika. Hallo.

Art credits go to everyone who drew him for me! Thank you <3 and here’s his charahub http://charahub.com/character/24014))


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Mia madre mi trattiene.